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Good Cop/Bad Cop

By Guido de Bloois So, some things happened in 2016. We all know a few, but to avoid crippling depression, let’s not go into detail regarding most of those. The past year and recent history beyond the bounds of 2016

Merch Pre-order

Dear Members, Recently we hosted a Facebook poll to see if you all were interested in seeing EPU merch, and specifically what kind of merch. The Totebags and the red-white Varsity jacket were the winnners! This means that from now

Kaepernick, Davis, and the Raiders: Civil Rights Activism in the NFL

By Aaron Magunna In 2016, the quarterback of the NFL (National Football League) team San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand up for the national anthem during a preseason game. After receiving rigid criticism for the refusal (videos emerged


Keeping it Small – Tiny Homes in the USA

By Lobke van Meijel Henry David Thoreau might actually think there is still hope for us, now that the United States is moving more and more to his former living standards: a cozy little home, near or inside the forests.


An insight in the life of an NCAA-athlete

Interview with NCAA-player at Miami University Laura Cornelius By Hanne Nijtmans Dutch basketball player Laura Cornelius comes from Groningen and has lived here and played basketball in the Netherlands for several years. She has played in the youth Dutch national