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Beercantus sign-up

Dear EPU members, March 7th will witness the premiere of a new event for EPU which we secretly hope to make a new annual tradition: the beer cantus! This is basically a large drinking game that features a lot of


Totalitarian Trump: the danger of his rhetoric. An inquiry of Trump’s rhetoric and Orwell’s totalitarian regime from 1984 and its worrying similarities

By Hanne Nijtmans President Trump’s mode of communication has led to some serious concerns. His tendency to announce his plan on Twitter first restrains his explanations to a mere 140 characters, while presumably the plans of the President should be


Roads Trippin’

By David van Hulzen Even here in the Netherlands, we often complain about other people’s driving skills. Rightfully so, I might add, because sometimes it seems like over here people get their drivers’ license for free with two kroketten at

Picture from Original photo by Jared Wickerham.

Good Cop/Bad Cop

By Guido de Bloois So, some things happened in 2016. We all know a few, but to avoid crippling depression, let’s not go into detail regarding most of those. The past year and recent history beyond the bounds of 2016

Merch Pre-order

Dear Members, Recently we hosted a Facebook poll to see if you all were interested in seeing EPU merch, and specifically what kind of merch. The Totebags and the red-white Varsity jacket were the winnners! This means that from now