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First Semester Booksale

As is tradition, EPU will once again make sure that its members can get their books at a discounted price. This year we have teamed up with to make sure that you get the right books on time for

Tha Gang

ASH Online – A Farewell from your Editors in Chief

This year has been quite the adventure. As new Editors in Chief, we wanted to make a lot of changes, and most of those thankfully succeeded and were executed well by our brilliant staff. Our Senior Editors acted like mother

#board27 Jorrit

#board27 Introduction – Jorrit Lettinga (Comm. Extern)

Dear members of EPU, Though it is indeed unlikely, there exists the possibility that some EPU members don’t know who I am. Thankfully, this is easily remedied: I am Jorrit, and I am hoping to be EPU’s commissioner of external


ASH Online – Shawshank Redemption II

When hearing about the bizarre way by which two prison inmates called Richard Matt and David Sweat had managed to escape from the Clinton County Correctional Facility on June 6, I could not help but produce a slight grin. Why?


ASH Online – The Best of Belgian Cinema

The success of the low budget mockumentary Man Bites Dog (1992) single-handedly ignited the Belgian film industry’s international recognition. Now the abundance of recent independent classics from directors like the Dardenne brothers and Erik Van Looy reveal the abiding strength