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Tug-of-War Continued

In the paper ASH of December you were able to read the Tug-of-War on the issue of Zwarte Piet. Continued here will be Remco’s view on a solution on the topic. Firstly, we must take the minority that opposes Zwarte

Conspiracy Theory 101: The Illuminati

By Hilbert Flokstra The real rulers, corporate America, the Bilderberg conference, creators of the New World Order, whatever you want to call them, this conspiracy theory is better known as that of the Illuminati. Yes, the Illuminati, you have probably

Van Gogh and a Urinal: Celebrated Pieces of Art

By Lobke van Meijel Many people believe that art is lost; it has no value anymore, and everything can be art as long as it is put on a pedestal by an artist. Literally everything; even tin cans of feces

P is for Procrastination

By Gerda van Mierlo I will be honest with you all. I did not write this column until a couple hours ago. I think we can all identify with the demon that haunted me to this purpose. Procrastination. Also studying

Vive La Liberté! A Tribute to 70 years of Freedom

By Bram van der Rest Nowadays, historical events from our national past do not seem to bother us anymore. Well, let’s be fair, that is not totally true. We still chug beers, drink shots, and get totally wasted on liberation