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Studytrip 2015 Sign-up

Dear EPU travellers, This year we will going to the awesome city of Gdańsk! The trip is planned from Friday 10 April to 13 April 2015. For those of you who haven’t attended the GMA; Gdańsk is a vibrant coastal


Battle of the Bands

In a few weeks, the CultureCie’s first event will take place, and boy is it a big one: together with study associations Panacea, Idun, De Chemische Binding, Archigenes, and Professor Francken, EPU is hosting the first Battle of the Bands!


Musicians Wanted!

Thank you for considering contributing to EPU’s music program. We offer you a spot in a band composed of fellow EPU members, sorted by musical preferences, and a gig at the EPU Music Night in April. To illustrate, last year’s

Senior Pubcrawl

Senior Pub Crawl

Seniors! All second year and up EPU members are invited to join EPU’s annual Senior Pub Crawl, on Wednesday October 1st. Free shots at every bar! Fill out the form below to join.