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ASH Online – I’m Just There, Dancing by Myself.

It is after midnight and I am in a small hotel room somewhere in Amsterdam. It is a cute hotel – it is designed by actual designers, so every room is different. There’s an old train turned into a hotel


ASH Online – And the haters gonna educate…

Last week, prominent and gay fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana spoke in an interview with Italian weekly magazine Panorama, where they openly expressed their views on “untraditional” families with IVF children. Both Dolce and Gabbana prided themselves on

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Join the 27th Board of EPU!

Are you ready to broaden your vision and oversee an association? Do you know what will attract many students? Are there activities you want to introduce at EPU? Join the 27th Board of E Pluribus Unum!

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EPU / Siduri Conference 2015 [SIGN UP]

On April 15, study associations E Pluribus Unum (American Studies) and Siduri (Middle Eastern Studies) will be hosting a conference on the topic of “East meets West: Diplomatic interrelations between America and the Middle East”.

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ASH Online – First I Lol’d, But Then I Serious’d

On The Renaissance of Comedic Actors Since 2014 I’ll be honest: if something I read or watch mentions ‘the Golden Age of Television’, I usually zone out. Of course, it’s an interesting phenomenon that a mass medium like TV shifts