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ASH Online – “House of Cards will be Canceled”

“After a continuous drop in viewer ratings, Netflix has decided to cancel their apparently not-so-hit series House of Cards. Netflix announced this decision this morning, after which Netflix’s spokesperson mentioned that three episodes will be added to the schedule to


ASH Online – This is what I think…

As I was trying to figure out what to write about, I realized that today is one of those days that I get irritated with the opinioned intellectuals of the New York Times and the Huffington Post. I love being


ASH Online – Catchy or Classic? What defines a classic novel?

In high school you were probably forced to read a few: classic novels. Most teenagers absolutely hate them and will never pick up anything by the Brontë sisters or Shakespeare again. However much we may have dreaded reading another classic,


ASH Online – Bring Out Your Inner Groupie: Five of the Finest Music Documentaries

I present to you an entirely arbitrary list of recent music documentaries that are entertaining and educative in equal measure. Muscle Shoals (2013) Muscle Shoals Sound Studio was formed in Sheffield, Alabama, in 1969, when a group of four session


ASH Online – The Unforgiving N-word

“Does this mean we can finally say the word n—–?” In 2007, award-winning TV reporter Tom Burlington faced the American standards of the usage of the N-word when he uttered the term in a seemingly harmless way. The journalist claimed