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ASH Online – Courtesy of the Yellow and Blue

Almost every student has undoubtedly experienced the all too familiar back-breaking pain. The sweat dripping off your face onto the instruction sheet, that one ever-missing screw that makes you scream and pull at your hair. Now, imagine you putting together


ASH Online – Romance and Cigarettes

Turturro-directed, and Coen-produced. Need one say more to attest to the quality of a film? Apparently, yes! (What a world we live in…) Romance and Cigarettes (2005), the quirky modern day musical hybrid that constitutes the second directorial effort by


ASH Online – One More…

You probably remember from when you were a child, asking your mother, “Mom, can I please stay up and finish this movie?” Hopefully by now, you won’t need your mother’s permission any longer, but the principle stays the same. Wanting


ASH Online – My Frustration with Us

How many people on this planet watched the clock go from 11:59PM to 12:00AM on December 31st and decided that this year everything would be different. Better. And here we are, not even two weeks in and the world is


ASH Online – America’s Obsession with Obama’s Handicap

In the line of famous presidential golfers like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and the “Bushes,” who played hundreds of golf games during their time as president of the United States, president Barack Obama recently passed the magic number of