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Some other tips which help you to reach the end of the month with some money left

We already summarized some nice tips which are helping you to save some money. After this first blogpost we received a lot of positive feedback of many students and also some new suggestions. Some where minor others will have a

Saving money with these easy tips you probably haven’t thought of

As a student you are confronted with high costs of living and studying and relative low income. For students this is always a struggle and if its possible to save some money this will be very welcome. In this blog


Thanksgiving Dinner

Dearest EPU members, Every year in November Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and it’s an EPU tradition to join them in this celebration, to be thankful for the past year and more important: to eat a whole lot of food! So next


Warsaw Sign Ups

Hello EPU-members! We will fly to Warsaw on the 22nd of April. The flight will depart at 8:50 from Eindhoven airport, so we have to leave Groningen on arranged transport early in the morning, around 04:00. This means that we


First Year Bowling

Dear First Year’s, Where in the world do they take bowling more serious than in the good old USA? That’s why EPU has the honour to present to you: FIRST YEAR BOWLING 2K16! With American Studies comes American leisure activities and