30-06-2022| the High gravi-tea 

We have decided to move the High Gravi-tea from coming Sunday to Thursday June 30th at 13:00, due to the delivery period of our Almanac. Our plans will stay the same: we will bring the food and drinks, but if you would like to consume alcoholic beverages, you will need to bring those yourself!

This also means that the event on Sunday is cancelled!

Our apologies for the possible inconvenience. We hope so see many of you on June 30th at the High Gravi-tea!

Love, The AlmanacCie ❤️

*If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with someone who has symptoms/has been tested positive, or are required to be in self-quarantine because of recent travels, do not come to offline EPU events! During our events we will follow the rules set by the Dutch government and RIVM.