upcoming Events

06 December – jump xl 

Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce to you our next upcoming event! On Dec 6, 19:00 we will be heading to Trampolinepark JumpXL in Groningen, where we will play lots of fun games such as Ultimate Dodgeball! The costs will be around 9€ pp and we would be delighted to have many of you join us for an evening full of bouncy fun. 
Oh, and we will off course wind down after the event with some drinks at Pacific!


Your SocialCie

13 December – destination announcement drink 

Ciao EPU people,

The TravelCie it’s finally here with some very exciting news: on December 13th we’ll host the Destination Announcement Drink!
As most of you should know, every year in April (if Covid is not in the way) EPU goes on a trip: in fact, the highlight of the academic year for many American studies students is the trip organized by the TravelCie. Our association has already visited amazing cities such as Prague and Paris, as some of you might remember from last year, which was definitely a sick trip. Once again, we were able to organize another great mini vacation in a beautiful city, and we cannot wait to see all of you as excited as we are!  We don’t have a specific location or time for the announcement drink yet, but we’ll keep you updated on that! Just keep in mind that it’s gonna be in the evening so make sure you’re free to join us and find out where the TravelCie is taking EPU in April 2023. We can’t wait to see all of your pretty faces!

the TravelCie 

15 December – pub-crawl 

Heyy guys, now that you have survived the Wintergala, we are giving you another reason to drown yourself in beer, or just join us for the walk. On the 15th of December we’re having the PubCrawl. We’ll be visiting a lot of different pubs, that you likely haven’t seen before to get to know Groningen even better. Things will start at 21:30 at O’Ceallaigh. In short, make sure to be there because it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Xx SocialCie