Almanac Committee

At the end of every academic year, EPU releases an Almanac (a yearbook) to all its members.This yearbook chronicles the amazing year we’ve all had. Throughout the year you will work to design and to fill our Almanac with pictures, quotes, and stories! When all the work is done at the end of the year, you get to watch your fellow students admire your creative work and sign each other’s Almanac.

AlmanacCie '20-'21

Chair: Lotta Stam
Secretary: Karen Heilemann
Treasurer: Hilde Wagenaar
External Affairs / PR: Maranke van den Boogaard

AlmanacCie '19-'20

Chair: Lotte Telnekes
Secretary: David Stadman
Treasurer: Magnus Klaber
External Affairs: Saranne van Bruggen
PR: Tessa van Veen 

Saranne, Lotte, Tessa
Magnus, David

pHOTOS OF THE ’18-’19 AND ’19-’20 ALMANAC