Lift Committee

EPU organizes a hitchhiking competition every year in cooperation with another study association. The Lift Committee organizes this event and makes sure everything goes smoothly as the contestants try to hitch rides to a destination of your choosing. Upon arrival the LiftCie has arranged food, activities, and a place to stay. The hitchhiking content is an adventure worth taking!

LiftCie '21-'22

Chair: Lotte Telnekes (EPU) 
Vice Chair: Lieke Groot Koerkamp (TW!ST)
Secretary: Celine Prins (Esperia)
Treasurer: Stijn van Hussen (EPU)
External Affairs: Emma Bakker (TW!ST)
PR: Axel Ribovici (Esperia)

Axel, Celine, Lotte, Stijn, Lieke, Emma

Group photos from our Lift Weekend to Frankfurt in 2019 and Brugge in 2020.