Music Committee

The academic year of 2018-2019 was the birth of the Music Committee, a committee in charge of organizing jam sessions and a Music Night. Are you interesed in music, do you play an instrument, sing, or anything of that nature? Join the MusicCie and help us create these fun and creative events!

MusicCie '20-'21

Chair: Daniël Theelen
Secretary: Jille Aardoom
Treasurer: Leonie Bruins
External Affairs / PR: Eline Santema

MusicCie '19-'20

Chair: Stijn van Hussen
Secretary: Sam Fluitsma
Treasurer: Noortje van den Eerenbeemt
External Affairs: Wout Mulder (IK)

Stijn, Sam, Noortje, Wout

Posters of the Music Night in 2019 and 2020.