Within each committee several functions are set and adjusted to maximize the effectiveness of the particular committee. Below you can find a description for the most common ones:

As a Chairperson your responsibility is to coordinate the committee, to keep an overview and interfere within your committee when needed. Also, you assist in organizing the particular activity of your committee. On top of that, you lead the meetings with your committee, which means that you set up an agenda for every meeting. Lastly, you are the person that is responsible for your committee and you need to defend your committee to the board and fellow EPU members during the General Members Assembly.

The Secretary is the person who keeps record of the committee’s minutes; what has been discussed during meetings with your committee, but also what has been discussed during meetings with the board or with other committees. On top of that, the Secretary acts as the Chairperson when the Chairperson is not able to attend a meeting, for instance. Lastly, the Secretary also assists in organizing a committee’s activity.

The main function of the Treasurer is to keep record of the financial flows of the particular committee. The Treasurer needs to justify himself to the board and fellow EPU members during the General Members Assembly by making and presenting a financial overview. This overview should include both projected income/expenditures, as well as the realized totals. Also, the Treasurer assists fellow committee members in organizing a committee’s activity.

PR stands for Public Relations. This means that a PR person needs to organize the promotional field of the particular committee. Therefore, the PR person needs to keep in close contact with the Media Committee in order to perform a professional promotion plan. On top of that, if there is no External Affairs in this particular committee, the PR also needs to organize sponsors for the committee (if applicable).

External Affairs
The main task of the External Affairs function is to persuade companies, organizations or institutes to become a sponsor or give some sponsorship money or merchandise to the particular committee. On top of that, the External Affairs person also assists the committee in organizing its activities.

To make organizing EPU’s activities easier, the board has a number of committees set up to help them. Victorine Nillesen, part of the 2012 – 2013 Activities Committee, reflects on her experiences:

Hey everyone!

My name is Victorine, and I was Secretary of the 2012-2013 AkCie, short for Activities Committee! As Secretary I had to write a lot, which is fun for me. I wrote all the invites for the drinks and other events that we organized to make people excited!

I really liked being in the AkCie because I got to organize the monthly drinks, think of themes, and have fun at all the drinks, but we also organized other fun things! In December we organized a trip to the Christmas market in Germany, which was new and definitely one of the most fun events of the year.

We also organized the 4th of July BBQ + End of the Year party, which was fun because we got to do a lot more than for just a monthly drink, it was a lot of fun having a BBQ in the Noorderplantsoen and after that going into the city with all EPU members!

I think being in a Committee is really a lot of fun because when I first joined EPU, I knew nobody, and after I got into the AkCie and went to the first drink, I met so many people. It is a really nice way to be active and make new friends. As a Committee member you are also working together with other Committees, which is nice. I definitely recommend not just joining EPU, but also joining one of our nice Committees!

If you’ve purchased supplies or other items for EPU related activities with your private money, you can ask for a refund by filling out the Expense Form, available through this link.