Are you ready to broaden your vision and oversee an association? Do you know what will attract many students? Are there activities you want to introduce at EPU? Join the 29th Board of E Pluribus Unum!

Joining the part-time board of EPU is not only fun, but also looks great on your CV! You will be introduced to the world of organizational work and meetings, while enjoying the many great parties and drinks along the way! Scared the financial costs of being a board member will be too much? Do not despair! The University will compensate you from their Profileringsfonds, as they highly support and value the work done by study associations!



The board’s Chairperson directs the rest of the board and therefore has the final responsibility for everything that deals with EPU. In keeping account of everyone’s tasks, the Chairperson must maintain a clear overview in order to make sure that everything is done, and is done right. The Chairperson’s tasks are a little more abstract than those of the other board members: since delegation is a key word, most of your tasks involve checking up on other board members and overseeing the entire study association. During board meetings as well as General Members Assemblies, the Chairperson constructs an agenda and takes the lead. Moreover, this person serves as EPU’s representative toward the faculty in regard to the book sale and the year calendar. In order to collaborate well, the Chairperson is also asked to meet with faculty members from time to time. A good Chairperson is organized, representative, and flexible.


As EPU’s Secretary, you’ll spend a lot of time behind your computer. Your main tasks will consist of keeping minutes of the board meetings (i.e. write an overview of everything discussed) and the General Member Assemblies. Also, the Secretary is in charge of the communication between EPU and its members, and other study associations. This means managing the mail, e-mail, and Facebook inboxes. You make sure every EPU member and companion is documented properly in the member list. In conclusion, you need to be structured and organized, and have a clear oversight of EPU’s affairs.


The treasurer handles all of EPU’s financial affairs, including administering the EPU bank accounts, keeping track of payments, managing the automatic withdrawal system, applying for subsidies, sending invoices and making budgets, balances and a financial year report. For this position, you need to be confident, good with money and have a sense of responsibility. You need to make sure EPU is doing well financially speaking by setting the budgets for all expenditures. The treasurer briefs all of EPU’s members at General Members Assemblies, and approves major financial decisions. This makes the treasurer one of the most important positions of the Board.

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

While EPU’s Chairperson makes sure that everything is running smoothly within the Board, you as the new Commissioner of Internal Affairs will be in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan within EPU’s Committees. Committees are the foundation of EPU: without them, we would not have been able to do as much as we did this year. In order for every activity to go well, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs is in charge of supervising committees: making sure they get the help they need to organize parties, travel trips, hitch hiking competitions, create an almanac, and much more. It is important to keep a clear overview, which means that you will have to read notes from every committee meeting and be part of Facebook groups in order to stay up to date. In conclusion, the position of Internal Affairs demands communication skills, time management skills, and a cool head to keep a clear overview. However, the most important asset a Commissioner of Internal Affairs can have is to have fun on the run! Without love and passion for EPU, its activities and people, this position can quickly become too overwhelming.

Commissioner of External Affairs

This position allows you to develop yourself not only within the board of an awesome study association, but also gives you the chance to partake in several committees outside EPU that vary from the huge Alfabetfeest Committee to the smaller committees or the Interfacultair Gala. Within EPU your main responsibility will be to attract possible sponsors. In conclusion, the position External Affairs requires you to be both outgoing and professional at the same time.


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