Dear members,

EPU needs committees in order to run smoothly and organize all the activities throughout the year. Each committee is responsible for some part of EPU. Being in a committee allows you to be introduced to the world of organization, working in a team, and bringing people together during the activity that YOU organized. It will look great on your CV too!


Can’t remember what the positions entail exactly? Check out the descriptions by following this link.

The Academic Committee
This committee will balance the social side of EPU with the study-related side. Not only will the tasks of the “AcademiCie” include the organization of the annual EPU Conference and a series of lectures, the Academic Committee will be responsible for the organization of activities surrounding so-called ‘personal development’ skills, in order to prepare students for life after American Studies and to launch their careers.

The Activities Committee
The “AkCie” will organize a wide variety of EPU events throughout the year. As a member of the Activities Committee you might want to organize a good ol’ game of EPU paintball or a Music Night. All creative ideas are welcome.

The Alamanac Committee
At the end of every academic year, EPU releases an almanac to all its members which will chronicle the amazing year we’ve all had. Throughout the year you will work to design and to fill our almanac with pictures, quotes and stories. When all the work is done at the end of the year, you get to watch your fellow students admire your work and sign each other’s almanac.

The American Studies Herald
The American Studies Herald (ASH) is EPU’s very own online news site. The ASH offers you an opportunity to develop your research skills and to work on different kinds of articles. When you become an ASH-editor you get to be part of a team that works closely together and gives each other feedback on their writing, which in the end will lead great articles. Both faculty members and students write for the ASH.

The Career Committee
This committee will give EPU members the opportunity to discover all the career opportunities available with a degree in American Studies. The committee will be responsible for getting in contact with companies, organize career related activities like CV workshops or lectures on leadership and organize drinks and lectures with career related topics. This committee will help American Studies students explore their opportunities after their study and will allow career-driven EPU members an environment where they can develop organizational and communication skills.

The Social Committee
EPU hosts monthly drinks at O’Malley’s, an Irish pub in the city center. The Social Committee, or “SocialCie”, organizes these drinks as well as all the other social events that we host at O’Malley’s or other locations in Groningen. As a member of the SocialCie, you are responsible for most of the social side of EPU.

The Lift Committee
EPU organizes a hitchhiking competition every year in cooperation with another study association. The Lift Committee organizes this event and makes sure everything goes smoothly as the contestants try to hitch rides to a destination of your choosing.

The Photo Committee
The Photo Committee is in charge of making sure that all the memorable EPU events are documented. The Photo Committee makes pictures and videos of all events.

Travel Committee
This committee has a large responsibility, because it organizes EPU’s annual trip to a European city. It can be challenging to plan a trip for a large amount of people, but it is extremely rewarding when everyone has fun during the trip!The last couple of years we have had destinations such as Manchester, Gdansk, Budapest, and Warsaw. If you love to travel and organize, this is definitely a committee for you. The TravelCie decides the destination of the trip, so if you want to have a say in that you should definitely apply!

Committee Application 2017-2018
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