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Dear (future) American Studies student,

While enjoying your summer vacation, you might already be looking forward to the upcoming academic year at the University of Groningen; a time where you will be either begin studying or change to another study program and a time where you will meet a lot of new people. Maybe you’ll also live by yourself for the first time. In short, your life will change significantly.

To start off with this new life and specifically your new study program, EPU – the study association of American Studies – will organize an introduction camp for all freshmen American Studies students. During this camp we will reside at camping farm Springfield on the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog.

This weekend, filled with fun activities, is an excellent way to get to know your fellow students. Since American Studies is a relatively compact study, you will know a majority of your fellow freshmen students after the introduction camp. This is just one more reason why going on introduction camp is highly recommended. At this very moment, an enthusiastic group of current American Studies students is planning an unforgettable weekend for you.

On Friday the 8th of September in the afternoon we will leave from Groningen Central Station to Lauwersoog by bus. From there we will take a ferry to Schiermonnikoog. After an awesome weekend, we will arrive back in Groningen on Sunday September the 10th in the afternoon. Don’t worry about all this information, you will receive an extensive program before camp. The cost of the introduction camp is €85,- per person.

However, if you become a member of EPU, it will only cost you €75,-! Besides a cheaper fee, joining EPU brings other advantages, such as a major discount on your study books and year-round fun activities!

For this admission fee, you will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, several great activities, snacks, soda and beer or wine throughout the weekend, and a round-way ticket for the ferry. We will also visit the infamous, iconic, and legendary Toxx Bar in downtown Schiermonnikoog. We will be using public transportation, so if you have an OV Chipcard, make sure to take it with you. For those who will not have such a card, please bring cash with you. These costs will not be covered by EPU.

Since we are a study association and not a student association, you do not have to worry about being hazed (ontgroend) during the camp.

For those who are not yet living in Groningen in September, there will be places to sleep available the night before the Intro Camp starts, as to give everyone an opportunity to join. Please contact us at or if this is the case.

Check out the official video of EPU’s Intro Camp to get an impression:

The sum of €75,- or €85,- should be transferred to account number (NL06ABNA0468748490) (to EPU, Groningen) .The subject of transfer should be “Camp” plus your full name. For international students, you will need to use the IBAN (NL06ABNA0468748490) as well. Our BIC is (ABNANL2A).

(IMPORTANT) If you cannot attend, but you did sign up, please contact us at least a week before departure, otherwise we will not be able to give you a refund.

Summary of the information:
The introduction camp will be from Friday September 9th until Sunday September 11th.
The price is €75,- for EPU members or €85,- for non-EPU members and includes:

*Round-way ticket for ferry
*Food and drinks for the entire weekend (beer and wine included)
*A two-night and three-day stay on the island
*Awesome activities

What to bring:
* clothes for 3 days
* allowance (we will go out to party during our stay)
* clothes that can get dirty
* cover sheet
* toiletries, including medicines if necessary
* towels
* pillowcase
* sleeping bag
* OV-chipcard (if you have one) or enough cash for bus tickets
* dish towel

Vakantieboerderij Springfield
Melle Grietjepad 17
9166 LT Schiermonnikoog

Tel. 0519-531366

How to sign up:

  1. Sign up using the form below.
  1. Transfer the amount of €75,- (EPU Members) or €85,- (Non-Members) to EPU.
  1. Receive confirmation of application and wait for further information by e-mail
  1. Like EPU on Facebook!

Notice: The organization is not responsible for any possible injury, so be sure that you are WA insured. EPU strives to make the introduction camp fit all rules concerning the incident protocol and the safety book as set up by the Advisory Committee on Introduction Periods of the University of Groningen (

Do you want to start your university years in a great way with your new fellow students? Then join EPU now and quickly apply on this page.

If you have any questions concerning the EPU Introduction Camp, you can send an email to or

We hope to see you in September!

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