Are you an American Studies student? Then you should definitely become a member of Study Association EPU. This will allow you to enjoy all the facilities EPU has to offer!

These include:

  • You will receive a discount on books via
  • You can join our introduction camp, during which you will get to know most of your fellow students
  • You can join our monthly drinks, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, trip to an European City, hitch-hiking contest, movie nights, music night, conference, career event, 4th of July barbecue and end party, and many other fun activities!
  • You will receive the American Studies Herald (ASH for short), EPU’s very own study-related magazine, four times a year, delivered by your friendly neighborhood mailman.
  • You can join one of EPU’s numerous committees, which will allow you to actively participate within EPU, making lots and lots of friends (and it looks good on your C.V. too!)

Why should you become an EPU member? The answer is simple: because it’s fun and we will save you money! With an EPU membership you get a 20% discount on all English academic books at Furthermore, EPU organizes social and educational activities at least once a month. With your membership you will also receive the ASH four times a year.

Check out our Promotion Movie:

The EPU membership fee is only €20,- per year for full AS members and €10,- for companion members. To become a member, you can fill out the form below.