Committee Information

Academic Committee

This Academic Committee balances the social side of EPU with the study-related side. Not only will the tasks of this committee include the organization of the annual EPU Conference, this committee is also in charge of organizing a series of additional lectures. Subjects can range from politics to popular culture, but are all connected to the Americas in some way. In short, this committee organizes extracurricular educational events, whether that be on current affairs or on things student find missing or undiscussed in our official Americas Studies program.

Almanac Committee

At the end of every academic year, EPU releases an almanac (a yearbook) to all its members. This yearbook chronicles the amazing year we’ve all had. Throughout the year you will work to design and to fill our almanac with pictures, quotes and stories. When all the work is done at the end of the year, you get to watch your fellow students admire your creative work and sign each other’s almanac.

ASH Committee

The American Studies Herald (ASH) is EPU’s very own magazine which we publish on The ASH offers you an opportunity to develop your research skills and to work on different kinds of articles. When you become an ASH-editor you get to be part of a team that works closely together and gives each other feedback on their writing, which in the end will lead a vibrant and active website, covering recent affairs. Don’t want to write on a weekly/monthly basis? You can also become a freelance writer and send in articles for reviewing.

Career Committe

This committee will give EPU members the opportunity to discover all the career opportunities available with a degree in American Studies. The committee will be responsible for getting in contact with companies, organize career related activities like resume workshops or lectures on leadership and organize drinks and lectures with career related topics. The committee also has access to the alumni list of American Studies and is therefore able to invite old American Studies students for talks about their work or activities now. This committee will help American Studies students explore their opportunities after their study and will allow career-driven EPU members an environment in which they can develop organizational and communication skills.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is in charge of the core events known to EPU. They organize our reoccurring drinks at O’Malley’s, an Irish pub in the city center. In addition to this, we celebrate holidays such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day etc. The SocialCie is in charge of organizing these as well. More active events like trips to museums or activities like trampolining and laser gaming are also organized by the SocialCie. As a member of this committee, you will plan and attend these events and make sure everyone has a good time.

Introduction Committee

Every year EPU tries to make sure that first-year students get the welcome they deserve and to provide them with the guidance they might need. Aside from organizing our awesome Introduction Camp at the start of the year, members of the IntroCie will also be there to serve as mentors and to organize “bonding events” for to give our freshmen the opportunity to meet their fellow newcomers and the rest of EPU!. Being in the Introduction Committee gives you the opportunity to set first-year students off to a good start in Groningen.

Lift Committee

EPU organizes a hitchhiking competition every year in cooperation with another study association. The Lift Committee organizes this event and makes sure everything goes smoothly as the contestants try to hitch rides to a destination of your choosing. Upon arrival the LiftCie has arranged food, activities, and a place to stay. The hitchhiking content is an adventure worth taking!

Travel Committee

One of the biggest events EPU organizes every year is our trip abroad. EPU usually visits an European metropolis that offers both stunning culture and opportunities to party. The TravelCie is in charge of deciding where this will be and from thereon, where we will stay and eat. The TravelCie also maps out fun activities for the group and makes sure everyone has the best trip they can possibly have!

Music Committee

The academic year of 2018-2019 is the birth of the Music Committee, a committee in charge of organizing jam sessions and two music nights (one of which will, this year, take place during our 6th Lustrum). Do you play an instrument, sing or anything of that nature? Join the MusicCie and help us create these fun and creative events!

Lustrum Committee

Last, but not least, we have our Lustrum Committee. EPU turns 30 this year, which means that we will be celebrating our sixth lustrum! At the end of the year, the LustrumCie will organize a week full of fun activities which they are busy organizing throughout the year. This will conclude in the big final party, which will not only be attended by EPU members, but by other associations as well!