January 27, 2015 | Posted in ASH Online

Not so much a conspiracy theory, but more an unsolved mystery that fascinates many people around the world, mostly those involved in the wondrous world of ufology. The mystery revolves around a strange object in outer space that comes and goes. The mysterious part is that every time it arrives in our planets orbit, it leaves some strange mark of its presence. Let’s kick off this theory with its origins.    

The story started in 1954 when Donald Keyhoe claimed that the US Navy was aware of the presence of two strange objects orbiting planet Earth. Mind you, this was before the satellite age, neither the US nor the USSR had any satellites in orbit. After the initial reporting of Donald Keyhoe the mysterious object would pop up every now and then. Astronomers in the sixties claim they saw the object orbiting Earth in a retrograde orbit, meaning that it encircled the earth in an orbit anti clockwise to earth’s heading, an ability that no earth satellite at that time possessed. It was spotted every so often and many articles were written about the satellite in the sixties en seventies. Scientists were unable to figure out what on earth the object was. Many claimed it to be a comet that was trapped in Earth’s gravitational field, though this theory got disproven pretty quickly since most astronomers agreed that this was not scientifically possible. This means it had to be a something else, but what?

Speculation started, was it a Russian spy satellite, a system that could launch missiles from space, or was it of alien origin? Many ufologists believe in the latter, they claim the Black Knight Satellite, as it was named in the seventies, to be an alien satellite. What made the whole situation even weirder was that the object would send out radio signals that one Scottish researcher interpreted as a basis of a star chart that would lead to the planet of origin of the Black Knight. However, he later retracted this statement saying that it was never his intent to prove that the satellite was built by an alien civilization. Nevertheless, excitement remained since the mystery was far from being solved. The scientists involved in trying to solve the Black Knight Mystery were baffled, they were unable to give a logical explanation as to what this mysterious object might be. What made it even harder was the fact that the object was not constantly observable, it would disappear every now and then only to be popping up again months or years later. A couple of the scientists involved wanted to do away with the mystery by simply stating that it really was an Unidentified Flying Object that did not originate from earth.


What about the object in modern times, surely there must be some pictures of the damned thing. The answer is yes, during a space shuttle mission in 1998 called STS-88 the astronauts managed to photograph a strange object in space. Many people believe that this object was Black Knight, others claim that this object was a thermal blanket lost in the cold vastness of space.

Now where does the conspiracy theory fit in to all of this? Since there is no known solid explanation for the object it soon got banished by some to the realm of conspiracy theories. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the US has managed to contact the satellite and thus its owners. The theorists claim that the US has established modes of communication with an alien civilization to benefit our own.

Are these theorists crazy, paranoid, psychotic, or simply right? You, dear reader, will be the eventual judge of that.