“We are the Travel Committee and this year we are responsible for organizing a fun, vibrating, spectacular but also intellectual stimulating trip to Gdańsk, Poland! Gdańsk is THE city for people who like the rich culture and beautiful history, but can also enjoy a rather liberating experience where alcoholic beverages are never far away. Consisting of five equally motivated members, the TravelCie will make sure that every traveller will be guaranteed a cozy place to stay, complimentary karaoke in the hostel, lots of epic activities and a safe flight to Gdańsk and back to Groningen. The members of the committee take their job very seriously, so you can expect a sophisticated and perfectly planned schedule. Until 10 April 2015, when our flight departs, we will be busy planning a wide range of vibrating activities, from a legendary Pub Crawl to visiting the local university. For more information and updates about the trip, visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/EPUgdansk. So, pack your bags, stock up some cash, and prepare for an exciting experience in one of the most modern cities of Europe: Gdańsk!

Over and out,

Da TravelCie”

From left to right: Jorrit Lettinga (PR), Paul den Outer (Secretary), Kas Nagelhout (Chairman), Jenna Vreugdenhil (Treasurer) and Freek van der Spoel (External Affairs).