“The American Studies Herald is the quarterly magazine for and by American Studies students. This year, the editors-in-chief are Kim Hoftijzer and Gerda van Mierlo, who have both been ASH editors in the past. With this new “regime” came some changes. We are now working with senior and junior editors, wherein the divide is made between those with more and less experience in writing. Our aim with this is to provide extra support to the aspiring writes and create more opportunities for all editors, both to learn and to teach. We also moved away from the themes that surrounded every past issue of the ASH, in order to make room for set headers that return every issue; this is meant to create continuity and a bit more freedom for the writers.

Finally, the ASH Online is now new and, we believe, improved. The website now features updates twice every week, one column and one article. This will hopefully improve the visibility of the ASH between the paper issues! We are very excited to be working with our team of excellent editors this year and look forward to providing you with entertaining and interesting issues of the ASH throughout this year.

Your editors-in-chief,

Kim & Gerda”

From left to right (First row): Cynthia van der Heyden (Senior Editor), Gerda van Mierlo (Editor-in-chief), Bram van der Rest (Junior Editor), David van Hulzen (Junior Editor), Lobke van Meijel (Junior Editor) & Benne van de Woestijne (Junior Editor)

(Second row): Kim Hoftijzer (Editor-in-chief), Victorine Nillesen (Junior Editor), Remco Roffel (Senior Editor) & Hilbert Flokstra (Senior Editor)