This year’s IntroCie will consist of Elbrich Blonk (Chairwoman), Irma Rodenhuis (Secretary), Lukas Kaas (Treasurer), Rik Jansen (External Affairs), and Arne van Lienden (PR). As 2014’s IntroCie, we hope to succeed in giving all the new students a nice first experience with American Studies, the city of Groningen, and of course with study association EPU. We have been really busy organizing an introduction camp on Schiermonnikoog, where we have tried to entertain 57 first year students with (American) games, the Toxbar, and of course the beautiful surroundings of Schiermonnikoog. We will encourage everyone to attend all the EPU events, and to join commissions.

Together with the rest of the StudenGuideCie (which consists of the IntroCie and the Board), we will help mentor groups with any questions they may have about their schedules, American Studies in general, or about the study association. We will also organize a mentor group dinner and other fun activities, such as a bowling event. Furthermore, we hope to get the first year students excited about studying American Studies, and about becoming an active member of EPU.”