The IntroCie
The Introduction Committee is responsible for organizing EPU’s introduction camp. During this camping event EPU freshmen can get to know each other, and hang out with the committee members and EPU board in a relaxed setting. A perfect start for your American Studies experience!

The Introduction Committee can be contacted through

The picture below shows the Student Guide Committee, which is a combined committee of Introduction organizers and the EPU board.

From left to right: Kim Hoftijzer, Wouter Hoogland, Kim Sieders, Fritjof L├╝cke (Chairman), Stanzi Winkel, Tabea Heisenberg, Joanne Houmes (External Affairs), Janneke Hoogervorst (Treasurer), Eva Rieder (Secretary). Joanne, Janneke, Eva and Fritjof have been responsible for organizing 2013’s Introduction Camp.