Introduction Committee

The IntroCie

Every year EPU tries to make sure that first-year students get the welcome they deserve and to provide them with the guidance they might need. Aside from organizing our awesome Introduction Camp at the start of the year, members of the “IntroCie” will also be there to serve as mentors and to organize “bonding events” for groups of new students. Being in the Introduction Committee gives you the opportunity to set first-year students off to a good start in Groningen.

As new students arrive from all over the world to participate in the American Studies program, the IntroCie organizes numerous events at the beginning of the fall term 2016. These include a bowling party, a pool tournament, and the cherry on top: a camp on the lovely island of Schiermonnikoog. The IntroCie adds a social twist to the start of the academic year by giving freshmen the opportunity to meet their fellow newcomers and the rest of EPU!

Chair: Annelotte Meijerink
Secretary: Sam Marriott
Treasurer: Piter de Visser
External: Marthe Schippers
PR: Rowan Meijer

From left to right: Sam Marriott, Rowan Meijer, Annelotte Meijerink, Marthe Schippers, Piter de Visser

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