This committee will surely blow our socks off by putting together an awesome EPU yearbook:

The AlmanakCie
“The study year of 2013-2014 is going to be a great year. Next to countless EPU activities and drinks there is an extra reason to celebrate. It is a lustrum year! Celebrating 25 years of EPU, the Lustrum will span three days of activities and will provide ample reasons to party. In order to commemorate this year, we the AlmanakCie will produce the EPU Almanac of 2013-2014. We are very excited to have been given this task. Our committee consist of Sander van ‘t Hof (Chairman), Freek van der Spoel (Secretary), Rik Jansen (Treasurer), Joost Tepper (Creative Editor), and Paul den Outer (Public Relations). Together we will strive to bring you an interesting Almanac that will be a pleasure to read. Summarizing the year, the almanac will be filled to the brim with information about the EPU year including reports of EPU activities, the annual trip, interviews, drinks, events, the lustrum. We want you to remember what you did with your study friends that year while browsing through the Almanac years later. Of course the Almanac will feature a great and interesting theme this year, which we will keep secret for sometime. Be sure to get your Almanac at the end of the year!”

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From left to right: Paul den Outer (PR), Freek van der Spoel (Secretary), Sander van ‘t Hof (Chairman), Joost Tepper (Editor), Rik Jansen (Treasurer).