Hi guys!

My name is Rik Jansen and I am EPU’s chairman for this year. I’m a fourth year American Studies student and although I have finished all my courses, I still have to write my Bachelor Thesis in the second semester of this year. At the same time, I am doing a pre-master for International Relations, which means that I will be doing one course per semester in that department. I have already met quite a few of you and if not, I hope to meet and speak to each and every one of you in person this year. Furthermore, I hope you all of you become active members and have a good time in this great study association!

I was born and raised in Zwolle and moved to Groningen three years ago when I started studying. The United States of America have always been a great interest to me and I was glad to find a study that fit me so well. Over the last three years I have been a member of the Almanac Committee, the Introduction Committee, and the Activities Committee, which has taught me a lot about EPU and its members. Also, these committees have helped me meet a lot of great people and taught me multiple skills that are definitely useful during my studies and will be useful later in life. I’m excited about the coming year and excited about working closely together with the four other awesome people on this board!dsc07784