Dear reader,

My name is Kevin Bos and I am EPU’s secretary for the year of 2016-2017. This year I’ve started my second year in American Studies, while also following a minor in Film Studies. But before American Studies I’ve studied Information services and management at the Hanzehogeschool here in Groningen. I spent three years there without finishing the study, but it did get me my propedeuse, so now I could go do American Studies at the RUG. Yay! As an added bonus I learned some skills that would later on land me my secretary job at EPU. But before joining the board I was in the AkCie last year, where I got to meet a bunch of awesome people, and host a range of fun events. Seeing all these people having fun at these events really inspired me to do a board year, so here I am!

I was born in the beautiful (read boring) Drenthe, and raised in it’s capital Assen. Since I did not really like Assen, I moved to Groningen when I was 17, and instantly fell in love with this amazing city. Through EPU and American Studies I’ve met great people that made life here even better. As secretary it is my job to spam you all to the ends of the earth with updates about our events and whatnot, to make sure you all also have a great time in Groningen!

Hope to see you all soon!

-Kevin Bos