Dear fellow EPU members and everyone else reading this,

My name is Elzemiek and I am 20 years old. I am a third year student, and last year I was a committee member of the TravelCie. We organized a lovely trip to Budapest and I have got to know even more people within EPU. This motivated me to apply for the 28th board, and this year as treasurer I will be in charge of the finances of EPU.

I was born in Vorden, a lovely town in Gelderland. When I was 3 years old I moved to Singapore for three years, an amazing experience even though I was so young. I believe living abroad made me more conscious of the world outside of Europe, and although Asia has always had my biggest interest, I’ve found the Americas very fascinating. American Studies therefore had my attention as soon as I heard of it, not the least because it is so broad and I have a hard time choosing. And until today I am still very happy with my choice of study, even though my struggle with choosing has had some consequences for me, like a one year delay in my study.

Even though I am not always sure about my choices, I already know that being in the 28th board has been a good decision, not the least because of my amazing four fellow board members. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn even more people within EPU, but also outside of it. I hope I will see many of you in our events over the coming year to make it an unforgettable year!

Lots of love from your treasurer,

Elzemiek Jansen