Dear EPU members,

I am Elbrich Blonk and I will be the 2016 – 2017 Commissioner of Internal Affairs for the EPU board. I am 21 years old, and I finished my American Studies Bachelor before the summer. The fact that I am a graduate student means that I have experienced every year of American Studies, and I can therefore relate with students from different years. I have experienced American Studies as a challenging, intense, interesting, and fulfilling study. In my third year I went to the United States to study at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Going abroad was an amazing experience, and I would advise all American Studies students to go if they have the opportunity

Even though I am not a current American Studies student, I still want to stay an active member of EPU, and contribute to the association as a member of the board. In my three years of studying American Studies, I have been part of several committees. In my first year, when I was not familiar with EPU yet, I became a member of the Activities Committee. Working together with other members was something I enjoyed a lot, and the EPU events had such a good vibe that I became a member of the Activities Committee again in the second year. That year, I was also chairperson of the Introduction Committee.

Next to my board activities, I will also be following pre-master IRIO courses this year, and working at the town hall of Hoogezand-Sappemeer. My plans for next year are to start an American Studies or IRIO master, and I also hope to find an interesting internship.

For this year I hope to work together with a lot of you who have joined committees, and make this an incredible and fun year for EPU